Fresh Fruit and Evacuated Bowels

I’ve never pretended to know what I was doing in any aspect of my life. So the fact that I now have an “official” blog really just means I’ll be spending less time playing games on facebook and more time staring at a blank computer screen, mad at myself for not knowing what to type.

The odds are I’ll use this to promote friends whose stories and books and bands I am jealous of and want demand more people know about. Some time will no doubt be spent on horror movies. A nostalgic story about my days in punk bands will find its way on screen. And I can almost guarantee a drunk rant about some poor bastard that pissed me off now and again.

I’ve sat in the back all this time, unsure if the crowd in front of me could even see me waving for help, my voice drowned out without a microphone. After much deliberation, I’ve decided that maybe I am good enough, smart enough, and…okay, let’s not push it. But I do have something to say, sometimes something new and sometimes something that’s been building up inside. And I’m going to twist your ear to make sure you listen this time.

So it goes… “Fresh Fruit and Evacuated Bowels.” Not to be confused with “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.” But, like the Dead Kennedys, I, too, am old and hoping to rise from obscurity. And I also hope you get drafted.

Editor’s note: “Hope You Get Drafted” was by the Dicks, not the Dead Kennedys. However, the sentiment remains.