2013 is dead…long live 2013

In 2013, I vowed to update this blog regularly. It appears I lied.

It also appears I can’t think of a more original intro to a new post than resorting to cliches about a new year dawning upon us, so let’s skip all pretenses here and be honest…

I want you to buy my books.

Two books came out in 2013 that I had stories in, both well worth your time and money.

Flash Me! The first, “Blame It On the Reign (In Blood),” came out in Solarcide‘s Flash Me! The Sinthology collection. In an awesome twist of events, my awesome wife also had a story appear in the same collection.

As the year came to a close, another story of mine, “Dope-elganger,” ended up finding it’s way into Bizarro Pulp Press‘s collection Bizarro Bizarro: An Anthology.

bizarro bizarro

This is in addition to two stories appearing over at Cease, Cows, an awesome new online fiction magazine that just keeps getting better and better (see LINKS section for direct links to both of those stories).

All of this is well and good, Sean, but you seem to be living in the past. What will 2014 bring from you? no one asked.

Thanks for not asking, I’ve actually got a handful of things coming up, some of them very soon.

I will have a story in Diabolus in Musica/Chupa Cabra House Press‘s upcoming Axes of Evil collection, a story where I not only give a huge nod to the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, as well as steal borrow a little of my friend Ranae Hummel’s genius, but I also get to register my opinion of a lot of today’s popular music.Axes of Evil

(I don’t know that girl, but she seems angry)

I hope to write some more of my own stories, but the path has been rough lately. Or I’ve been lazy…

I’m still reviewing movies and books over at HorrorNews.net as well, and I am currently working on a handful of exciting interviews to feature on the site as well. I have a couple other horror-related projects that I may become a part of as well, but I’m going to hold off on any official announcements until I am 100% on them.

I sincerely do plan to utilize this blog more often. Feature some author/musician friends every now and again, talk about some horror movies, maybe spin some old yarns about the days of yore.

My first post back (after this one) will be a joint effort with a friend in horror, Ryne Barber, and his way-better-than-mine site, The Moon is a Dead World. Stay tuned in the next few days for that one…


2 thoughts on “2013 is dead…long live 2013

  1. Oh, and if you DO, indeed, buy one of those books, would you be a pal and leave a review on Amazon, or Goodreads, or somewhere? It’ll help, even if you scream and yell and rant about how bad it is. Thanks.

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