Some things

First off, I’m not going to promise anyone who reads this blog (i.e. me, myself, and I) that I will be doing a better job of keeping this site updated, because every time I do that, it turns out to be a lie. But I do have a couple things I wanted to bring to your (i.e. my own) attention (just in case I forget them later).

A while back, I wrote a story called “To Hell With the Metal” about how much I despise a lot of the music on the radio that is called “metal.” It’s about a killer on the loose, killing off bad metal bands, and two detectives who try and figure out what the hell is going on. I used fake band names, but you can tell very easily who I’m referring to. I wrote that story for a book dealing with horror and heavy metal. I was super excited about it. It came out in April. This is the very first time I’m promoting it in any way.

Axes of Evil is a huge book with way too many pages in which horror stories were written around/about heavy metal. A handful of good folks can be found in there along with me: MP Johnson, G Arthur Brown, Chris Kelso, Grant Wamack, among others. I don’t really know who put it out (a whole ton of garbage came along with the book, garbage that can be found discussed various other places around the interwebs that I will not be delving into here), but it does exist and can be purchased. I owe a bit of thanks (as well as a copy of the book) to my friend Ranae Hummel, who let me use some of her comedic genius from a discussion a while ago to name some bands.

The very same detectives made another appearance in a story that I just got published today. “Welcome to Chicago, Asshole” is a story about frat boys in Chicago who do some bad things and have to answer for their crimes. Kind of. This story was rejected by some quality places before the awesome people over at Verbicide decided to give it a shot. It’s an honor to join the limited ranks of folks who have been published over there, folks I read and look up to as writers (Cameron Pierce, D Harlan Wilson, J David Osborne, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Gabino Iglesias, Chris Kelso, to name drop a few greats). 

Over at, with summer happening and the boss moving, I’ve had a bit of a break from reviewing horror movies. But reviews are not all I do over there. Every once in a while, when the urge hits me, I have done some interviews. Now, I’m no journalism major (nor am I any kind of major, seeing as how I never got a 4-year degree), but I do my best, asking the most softball of questions. I’ve been lucky enough to talk with some genuinely awesome people.

Hannah Neurotica is the creator of the feminist horror zine Ax Wound as well as the head of the Women in Horror Month. She is also a super nice human being, and she gave me a ton of awesome info.

Erin Russ is an actress who can be seen in the film Porkchop as well as the upcoming William Hellfire release, Upsidedown Cross (also starring David Yow from The Jesus Lizard). She is an awesome human being as well, and got me a bunch of exclusive shots from the upcoming film, too.

Vincenzo Bilof has become a friend and co-worker (he’s the editor over at Bizarro Pulp Press) since our interview, but a while back he released a book called Confessions of the Impaler and we talked a bit about that. I had previously read and reviewed his book Gravity Comics Massacre and enjoyed his writing, so we talked more.

Stephen Graham Jones is one of my favorite writers around. His wealth of knowledge about the horror genre is something I both envy and aspire to. So, when he agreed to an interview with me for a different website that shall not be named, I was super excited to pick his brain. When said previous website proved it’s incompetence, I pulled the interview and presented it to HorrorNews, a place that welcomed it with open arms. Granted, this is an older interview and much of the “upcoming” stuff has been released by now, there is still so much awesome in here, I feel a wave of pride being able to share it.

And there will be more…very soon, in fact, as I’ve already submitted one and am just waiting for it’s publication on the site. I don’t want to give it away, but I can tell you there’s no happy ending to it (actually, there is. It’s a super awesome one).