An Open Letter by Jessica Leonard

While I might not have anything new to say, Jessica Leonard, my awesome wife, does, and I want to share it with you. She puts into words what so many of us wish we could, and she does it so smoothly. Enjoy.

An Open Letter
By Jessica Leonard


Isabel Allende said, “Write what should not be forgotten,” so I am writing you.

We all live with regret. Once you reach a certain age, it becomes inevitable. It moves with you, becomes part of you. It is your experience. It shapes you.

I regret most the time I have not taken. I regret not taking more time to be openly grateful. I’ve lost family and loved ones, and while I am sure they passed knowing they were loved, did they know they were appreciated?

The good thing about regret is that you can learn from it.

Before it becomes another chain of regret, I must tell you how grateful I am.

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